Translation fees

Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)
JPY 11~
JPY 11~
JPY 11~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
JPY 13~
  • Lowest order value JPY20,000
  • Translation discounts are possible. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • For a price estimate calculator, please click here.

About the original manuscript

If the original document is in paper form or sent in by FAX, the document will have to be converted to data and an additional fee is charged. So, please send us the original document by Email if possible.
Estimated data conversion fee is JPY3.000/A4 but depends on the amount of characters per page.

About highly specialized translations

Extra charges will be applied to law, patent, finance, politics, medicine, IT, electrical, industrial, bio, direct, chemical, construction, environment, marine, scientific, IR, and advertising documents concerning the translations are highly specialized. Contact us here!

Interpretation and Narration fees

within 2 hours
JPY 50,000-
within 4 hours
JPY 70,000-
within 6 hours
JPY 90,000-
within 8 hours
JPY 110,000-
  • JPY 10,000 for every hour thereafter.
  • Lowest order value is JPY 20,000.
  • If you use the studio for narration recording, studio fee of JPY 5,000/hour is added.
  • Transportation fees are not included and start from JPY 5,000.
  • In addition, interpreters' meals, entrance fees etc. are not included.
  • These are only estimated fees. We will estimate the interpretation fee depending on the amount of days needed, interpreters and content. If you are in need of an interpreter, please contact us if you have any questions.

Print Design

Step 1 Initiating Contact

Tell us your ideas and we will specifically define your needs as well as provide you with price charts and estimates. We will also present a variety of delivery methods.

Step 2 Creating Concepts

When 50% of the payment is received we will design a concept and present it to you as a PDF file from the information provided by you.

Step 3 Finalizing The Design

After a concept has been chosen we will start to transform it into a design according to your needs. We will send you up to two revisions for free, as PDF files. A final check made by you is important in order to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 Printing Begins

After the final payment is received, the printing process begins. As soon as the printing is finished we will deliver it to you.

Design Package starts from JPY 30.000 if photos, illustrations and text are provided by the customer. Two revisions included. If two or more designs are ordered at the same time, the other designs start from JPY15.000.

Options (tax not included)

Simple illustration

Click here for price charts or contact us for more information.

Web Design

We produce and design web sites using many different techniques including PHP5, CSS3, Java Script, MySQL and more!

Step 1 Contact Us

Tell us about your company and how you would like your website to be designed. From here we will start the discussion with you on how your web site could better suit the Japanese market.

Step 2 Concept & Price

Now we will create a wire frame concept. When you feel satisfied we will send you a price estimate.

Step 3 Building Your Website

When 50% of the payment is received we will start building your website according to the decided concept. After the design is confirmed by you the programming process starts.

Step 4 Showing The Product

The product is almost finished. We will send you a preview of the website and check with you if you feel it is according to the concept.

Step 5 Ready For Delivery

When the final payment is made we will require you to fill out a form to confirm completion of the product. As soon as we have received the form we will deliver your website to you!

Change requests not according to the original concept may be charged extra.

If texts, pictures, charts etc. are provided by the customer, the price may be reduced.

From Scratch
CMS Based Site
Landing Page

These are estimated prices only. To apply, please contact us and we will be able to give an accurate pricing according to your needs.



  • Through us you can broadcast your commercial from any of Japans major 49 AM stations and 38 FM stations.
  • Radio commercial creation fee is JPY34.500 for 20 seconds. Manuscript and recording included. Fees for narration, background music and sound effects may be added.

Broadcasting packages:

  • Program sponsorship
    Your commercial will be before and after chosen program presented as a sponsor.
    Pricing: Monthly
  • Single slot commercial
    Your commercial will be heard sometimes during the chosen time period.
    Pricing: Per run.
  • The price for each broadcast package is depending on station and region.
  • If you are not interested in any of the broadcast packages and only want a commercial made, an extra fee of JPY50.000 is added.


  • You can choose any number of TV stations from a list consisting of 106 regional and 4 national (TV Asahi, Fuji TV, TBS and NTV) for your commercial.
  • TV commercial creation fee starts from JPY200.000 (scriptwriting and editing included).
    Filming, background music, CGI, actors, narrators, location scouting, copyright fees etc. are not included.

Broadcasting packages:

  • Program sponsorship
    Your commercial will be before and after chosen program presented as a sponsor.
    Pricing: Monthly
  • Single slot commercial
    Your commercial will be seen sometimes during the chosen time period.
    Pricing: Per run.
  • The price for each broadcast package is depending on station and region.

Contact us for more information.

Business in Okinawa

If you are interested in starting up a company or a branch in Okinawa we can help you with:

  • Agency offices
  • Enterprise incorporation
  • Recruitment, Japanese education
  • Establishing labor, legal work, accounting etc.

We can support you consistently throughout these steps so you can focus on your main business.

Our main focus is:

  • Inspection support in Okinawa.
  • Translation and interpretation.
  • Operational support and consulting.
  • Corporation and branch start up support.
  • Meetings and negotiation preparation.
  • Seminar and exhibition preparation and participation.
  • Company and branch establishment.
  • Site visits.
  • Accounting service preparation.
  • Company credit checks.

We normally charge JPY7.000/hour or JPY50.000/day but we also have package prices.

Contact us for more information.

About Us

Remar Pro is a gradually growing company located in Okinawa, Japan. We started as a web design company 8 years ago, but since then we broaden our views and now we offer a wide selection of services. Now we are a company consisting of 27 people, all with different specializations, which we think is important because we want to be able to help you from start to finish (and a little bit more). It might start with creating your company's logo, then your website, translating it Korean and French, printing flyers and posters, finding a suitable office building in Okinawa for your company's expansion and then advertizing your company over all of Japan. We do not stop for anything, and we do everything in our power to satisfy our customers!

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